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We offer in-house financing. We accept all credit histories and credit will be extended to you based on the honesty and accuracy of the information you provide along with your ability to pay.

Necessary Supporting Documents:

2 Recent paycheck stubs

2 Current creditors (bills in your name that you pay... cable bill, electricity bill etc.)

A valid driver's license

Mail in customer's name to verify residential address

Copy of rental, lease or mortgage agreement

6 months at current job and 1 year of employment history

6 months at current residence and 3 years residential history

Minimum 6 local referrences (3 family & 3 friends)

By combining the car buying and financing processes into one process, we make acquiring your new vehicle a quick and convenient experience. We present you with several options for financing your new vehicle and work with you to find a financial solution that best suits your needs. Rest assured, we are committed to making your buying experience the best it can be.

g we can to get you approved.